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City Map Pack

A collection of 18 maps that iclude; Interiors, Exteriors, Day and Night Variants.


Perfect for any city fighting, this map pack can allow you to immerse yourself into a battle, maps holding key similarities to make it feel like one


A band of goblins led by Redhorn, a goblin boss, are wreaking havoc on the surrounding wildlands. What could their evil plans be and can the characters stop them in time?

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The origins of metal are shrouded in myth. A clouded tale of destructive wars, a darkstar, men ascending to godhood, and demons lurking in the dark. The bards sing these tales in taverns, on streets, and in dark woods far

College of Metal





Some bards are hardcore fans of a very particular kind of music…

Bards of the College of Metal seeks to marry the pounding percusion of marching armies, the lamentations of their
foes, and the warcries of their allies into

Icewind Dale – an Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden DM’s resource (maps, cheatsheets, advice)

Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden is a chilly campaign that will take characters from 1st to beyond 10th level, as they face frosty foes, deeply buried dangers, and dark deities, while reshaping the fate of Icewind Dale – and …

Double Cross

The spirits of two thieves are locked in an eternal play of betrayal, cursed to reenact their final moments on the anniversary of thier heist.

Cleric, Bard, Rogue

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