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Isle of Deltine

There is a cold war on the Isle of Deltine. The Noble houses laying claim each have access to their own resources that they each desire. While there is peace currently, any additional noble houses being established on the island …

Foes: Undead

What’s a hero without worthy foes to fight? 

Foes: Undead is a collection of five undead types for Green Ronin’s Sword Chronicle roleplaying game! In these pages, you’ll find two types of ghosts, two types of ghouls, and vampires for


Wielders of magic often focus their energies through a variety of fetishes, from the humble wizard’s staff, to the diviner’s crystal ball, to the divine relics of holy men and women.  The vitrumancer’s tradition focuses on the creation and use …

House of Orphans

When an ancient elven House finds itself on the verge of extinction after a disastrous war leaves them cursed, they take the unorthodox approach of adopting anyone into their ranks to continue the line. All ancestries are welcome when they

Futuristic Firearms

Take your Sword Chronicle game into the future with these popular firearms from the science fiction genre. Explore the galaxy in safety with these trusty weapons. Some firearms ignore gravity, others function without an atmosphere.

This book contains:

  • Four

Disposition Cards

Intrigue encounters are a huge part of any Sword Chronicle game.

These cards help Players and Narrators keep track of which of the seven dispositions are currently in effect on a character.

This product is produced by Green Ronin Publishing …

Space Combat

Battle among the stars with this rules supplement for Sword Chronicle. These 8 pages expand the combat system, allowing characters to have a dogfight among the stars, run through blockades into enemy space, or evade space pirates hungry for