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Lands of Ub: Frelengian Heartlands: Badgershire Map


Capital: Settburgh (pop. 1,320)
Population: 8,700
Humans: Few
Demi-Humans: Some halflings and gnomes
Animal-folk: Many badger-folk, mouse-folk, and rabbit-folk, with minorities of goat-folk, sheep-folk, and rat-folk, plus small numbers of other breeds

The Endless Dungeon (Classic Digital Reprint)

VintageCollection.pngPrecis Intermedia brings back this classic roleplaying accessory for the original Roleplaying Game (First Edition/OD&D/0E). Originally released in 1975 by Wee Warriors, The Endless Dungeon includes three-dimensional dungeon wall sections that can be assembled for miniatures play. Character and Creature