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True Crime

I looked down at the stiff and wondered who had knocked him off. Whoever the killer was, he hadn’t been monkeying around. Lucky Lorcano had been shot right through the pump. Guess he wasn’t so lucky, after all.

True Crime


Welcome to Flatline, a near-future dystopian roleplaying game about armed EMTs who execute intensive medical ops to protect the richest clients of Executive Medical Technologies. You play as a member of a Sammie team, an employee who works in Samaritan …

A Fun Time At Con

Do you miss going to cons? 

Me too. That’s why I created “A Fun Time at Con” a story creation game that celebrates gathering with other fans, with the twist that you’re playing space opera heroes arriving back at your …

Czysta Karta

W momencie gdy zaskakuje zaprogramowany trigger, bohaterowie graczy tracą swoje wspomnienia. Rozpoczynają właśnie akcję, która ma ujawnić, że za Valis, najpotężniejszą korporacją na Ziemi, stoi świadoma SI. Czy to jest jednak ich prawdziwy cel? Kim w rzeczywistości są? W jakich