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Cities of Splendor

Cities of Splendor: Tour Guide of the Free Cities is a more in-depth look at each of the Free Cities of Terrinoth. Using the same organizational method as Kyle Skarp’s “New Angeles Tour Guide”, (with his permission), each …


Unlock the power of the mind with this guide to using psychics in your Genesys games. Whether you want to run games focused on those with psionic gifts or introduce psychics into your existing campaigns there is something for everyone …



A thousand years ago, the Sun perished. To cope with a cooling world, a great empire staged a successful invasion of the spirit world, captured a daemon prince, and imprisoned him in an artificial Second Sun. Soon followed the

Vile Villains

Heroes are only “good” guys when compared to the vileness of the villains they face. In this collection of Terrinoth villains, eight (8) different villains are detailed (7 derived from lore and 1 new, unique one). Each villain is described, …

Manual of Mennara

This product is designed to be a supplemental campaign guidebook and atlas for GMs using the setting of the Realms of Terrinoth. While the sourcebook (RoT) was filled with lore, this work provides concise and condensed information in an …

Foundry Tips & Tricks

This guide is designed to help aspiring Foundry authors create and publish their own projects by centralizing the available assets in one location in an easy to follow guide.

Many helpful links to Foundry assets and information, programs for layouts, …

BOOST 1: Mutation

The Book of Online Sourced Triumphs is a Genesys community project with the goal of creating content that relates to a specific theme. The theme for this issue is “Mutation”.

Inside you’ll find:

  • 1 new Archetype/Species
  • 3 new Talents
  • 2

Skill Adventures

Skill Adventures

This 80 page, fully illustrated book contains some 20 ready made Skill Adventures (sometimes known as Skill Challenges) and enough assets to help even a veteran GM create more!

The Skill Adventures include Chases, Military Skill Adventures, Travel …

Traps for Genesys


Simple but Effective

This document contains quick and easy rules for implementing effective and balanced traps for your Genesys adventures!

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Trades of Terrinoth

The REALMS OF TERRINOTH sourcebook offers 8 career options for players. However, throughout the book, many more careers are casually mentioned such as: Bards, Runemasters, Knights, Necromancers, and Spiritspeakers.

In DESCENT (also set in Terrinoth), 36 different …

G.O.L.E.M.S.: Genesys Organizations, Legions, and Enterprises Management System

GOLEMS, the Genesys Organizations, Legions, and Enterprises Management System, enables game masters to simulate the goings on of factions behind the scenes of their campaigns. If you have ever had trouble figuring out what kind of intrigue those background megacorporations …

By Sword and Spell

By Sword and Spell is your Genesys toolkit for making your own fantasy setting! it has everything you need to make your own setting including:

  • 6 new species
  • 8 new talents
  • Generic crafting rules
  • 3 new magic implements
  • Rules for