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Sword & Musket


Are you thirsty for more action, drama, and suspense?  What about courtly intrigue and and political maneuvering?  This and more can be found in the all-new role-playing game “Sword & Musket” brought to you by the creator of STAKE.   …

ULTIMA RATIO – Im Schatten von MUTTER: Auda – Stahl, Beton und Neonlicht

Stahl, Beton und Neonlicht
In den Metropolen Audas, dem weit offen stehenden „Tor zu den Kolonien“, beginnt mit jedem Tag der Kampf um das eigene Überleben von Neuem: Durch den im Orbit Audas befindlichen Weltenrat ist die älteste Kolonie des …

Dark Age: Bushido – The Way of the Empty Hand

An expansion for Dage Age: Bushido

Introducing Four new Vocational Axioms (Classes) to enhance Character Development:

The Uchigane (Striker)

The Uchigane strikes quickly, often, and sometimes even before their opponent has made their move. Uchigane techniques require spatial awareness and …

Nexus 17

The position given for the disabled ships was off their assigned patrol route. Too far off. The possibility of a trap occurred to him, but he could not afford to ignore the message. His Commander’s Oath demanded that he investigate.

Random dungeon 003

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На 33 страницах этого PDF вы найдёте:
– общее описание комплекса
– карта 1 этажа для ГМа, с экспликацией помещений
– карта -1 этажа для ГМа, с экспликацией помещений
– экспликация наполнения, особенностей, секретов и деталей
– лист для самостоятельного

The Mad Hermit

I’ve always wanted a set of roleplaying mechanics that enable a narrative with swift resolution of situations – not a lot of rolling. Also not a fan of arbitrary numeric stats and swingy dice.

So here’s a fairly simple way …