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Petty Spirits

Petty Spirits describes a collection of four spirits found throughout Dragon Pass. They are the source or cause of various boons, banes, superstitions, and religious activities by people living in the region. The spirits included in this new bestiary entry …

The Rostakori Clan

A source book that covers the Rostakori an independant clan of Sartar, Worshippers of Valind and Ithas.

Content includes (42 pages of gaming material):

  Histroy of the Clan
  Short Prosopaedia and Valindi Myths.
  Details on Clan Holdings
  Folk Of The

Valley of Plenty

Potential triggers in Valley of Plenty include:

  • The interlude charts refer to the deaths of parents and/or siblings. If this is problematic, replace those results with ones of your own.
  • The Manhunt episode revolves around a young boy who is

Heortlings of Sartar

Heortlings of Sartar is a collection of game aids for gamemasters of RuneQuest. Included in this supplement are 23 generic non-player characters, provided in a printer-friendly format for use at the game table. They range in importance from minor …

Vinga’s Ford

This evening-length adventure is best played around the Apple Lane area, but contains notes on NPCs suitable for running it elsewhere in Dragon Pass.  It also contains a vampire, a Vingan, and a duck.  There are ghost trolls, spirit combat, …