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Blighty explores the wonders and horrors to be found in the United Kingdom. Whether you are running a game set in Britain or just want to send your player character on a holiday across the pond there is advice for

UA3: Joymancy

The ancients used dice as a means of divination. The practice continues today, even if now the dice tend to be brightly colored hunks of plastic tossed by the grubby hands of children. Can you seize ancient wisdom from games …

Game Over


Game-crazy adepts born in the arcades of yesteryear, forged in the console wars and scoring their mark into the Occult Underground.

Get ready to plug in, load up and freak out.


  • Ludomancy, a school of magick

33 Rituals

Whether you’re an adept looking for more utility, a thaumaturge looking to actually do something, or a GM looking for story-seeds,33 rituals is guaranteed to be self-descriptive. Create a shrunken head, have a magickal rap battle, cut off your …

Mechanomancy Redux

The cutting edge of modernist magick, mechanomancy was the new hotness back in the early modern era. Imbuing life into lifeless clockwork was a transcendent feat of spiritual alchemy, only open to the most dedicated craftsmen. But will it survive …

UA3: Charmancy

People discover fire. Fire cooks food. People eat food. Fire controls people.

Adept burns food. Adept eats ash. Adept controls fire. Adept burns people.

Charmancy is a new school of magick for Unknown Armies. Charmancers (also known as singetooths, …

Target System

Target est un système de jeu de rôle générique. Dans ce document, vous découvrirez ce système original et très cinématique. Il a été inspiré par l’envie de donner aux actions et tout spécialement aux combats, une dimension plus immersive. En

UA3: Examinaturgy

People study to pass the exams.

Examinaturges choose the exams to study.

Examinaturgy is an adept school derived from East Asian philosophy and examination culture. Examinaturges view this universe as the greatest exam, so they try to pass this universe-exam …

Three Generations


From the tool-using ape to the smartphone-using ape, countless cycles of happy and unhappy families run endlessly as heritage and legacy, joined at the ever-shifting now. Here, an ancient trinity is once again restored