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Welcome to the new Heavy & Salsa Studios RPG! The 20’s. This game will make you a citizen of a magnificent utopia which seems about to fall. Your mission? Running away from this place or changing it.

20’s is a …

Ravenland Weather

A set of hex flowers intended to help you create weather for your journies that is varied and, hopefully, plausible. There are different weather patterns for different seasons with both weather and wind listed. You may want to track these …

Alone in the Loop

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Complete Solo Game Systems

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This product is produced by Free League Publishing and is priced at $4.95


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Кориолис. Тайна Эмиссара

Озоновую Площадь окутала тишина.

Над головами столпившихся вокруг голографических проекторов людей носится едва слышный ропот — предвестник скорой бури.
Кожей ощущая разлитое в воздухе тревожное предчувствие, вы проталкиваетесь к ближайшему информационному терминалу.
Ведущий новостей, мрачно взирая на вас с голографического

Beasts Among Us

The Third Horizon is not populated by the diverse alien races of some science fiction and science fantasy settings but that does not mean that humanity is alone.

Several species considered “semi-intelligent” animals exist alongside the peoples of the Horizon. …