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Путеводитель по Зоне 03. Смерть мясоедам!

Она не слышала ничего, кроме стука собственного сердца.
В воздухе разило порохом и кровью. Она прижала тяжёлый приклад к плечу и вновь взяла на прицел участок перед развалинами у подножия холма. Там, среди ржавых обломков машин, лежало три тела. Враги.

Best Left Unspoken

WE NEVER WROTE ANYTHING DOWN, because what’s written can be read, interpreted, deciphered. Our dreams were ourown, no one else’s. But, when those words come to light bychance and fall into the hands of the unwary—what thenmight happen; what forgotten

The Sleepless Path

DAVOKAR BROODS LIKE A RESTLESS GIANT. For the peopleof the northern colonies, regardless of whether the grandcity of Thistlehold or a ramshackle outpost, the threat of thedark forest looms ever-present. For them, the guardians ofthe Sleepless Path are an uneasy

Alathris – Maps

High resolution maps for the “Alathris” RPG setting based on the Forbidden Lands game rules and setting. The setting is being launched in seperate PDFs, this document being the very first. Each PDF details different areas and cultures of Alathris; …