Adventure into The Lost Vaults


Adventure into The Lost Vaults

Adventure into The Lost Vaults

A large underground, ever shifting vault of magic items has been discovered by a kenku wizard named Scribe.

He has hired a large team of workers, mages, clerics, and others in order to help study and research the vaults and magic items within.

Dubbing them “The Lost Vaults”, research into the items has gone extremely well up.

However, a group of workers hasn’t returned from the Lost Vaults for the past 2 days, and Scribe has concerns about powerful golems that might have wandered in from the lower levels.

However, a far more complicated issue is the cause behind the disappearance…

Find within The Vaults…

A variable dungeon system that can be adjusted to fit within a one-shot or multiple sessions.   Customizable golems and traps that allow you to control the combat experience with your players  100 Uncommon magic items to provide both your party and the golems defending the Vault!

Interested in going deeper into the Lost Vaults? Considering picking up The Lost Vaults Collection,

which is where the magic items for this adventure were pulled from!

It includes 1,900 magic items converted from 4e to 5e!

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