Blast and Burst (Cone) Templates for Savage Worlds

BOOM! KAPOW! WHAM! Need to see what area your power, grenade, or breath weapon effects?  Try these simple yet effective files, which will let you measure the impact.

Separate Small, Medium, and Large Blast Templates as well as the Cone (Burst) Template compatible for Savage Worlds.  Both the Large Blast Templates and Cone Template are available as single piece print files and multiple piece print files for smaller print beds. (Note the edges on the Large Blast Template and the upper Cone Template.

You will be getting a 3D STL digital file to print your own models.

Included for this purchase are the following files:

  • Small Blast Templates
  • Medium Blast Templates
  • Large Blast Templates (single piece)
  • Large Blast Templates (4 interlocking pieces)
  • Cone Template (single piece)
  • Cone Template (2 interlocking piece)

For personal use, not for distribution or resale.

Pieces made from these files would be choking hazards for small children.

Check out your local library as they may have free 3D printing services available.

Happy Gaming

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