CCC-MELB-01 A Single Tearfall


CCC-MELB-01 A Single Tearfall

An injured young fisherman stumbles into Elventree with a brightly coloured egg in his arms. He claims it fell from the sky and broke his rowboat. When he swam to the shore an elf with skin of ash attacked him and tried to take the egg. Will you help him keep it safe, Adventurers? A Two/Four-

Hour Adventure for Tier two Characters. Optimized for APL 8.

The Module

This module is 35 pages of adventurer’s league fun centered around a mysterious egg that has fallen from the sky, a journey into the feywild, and a meeting with an Archfey. It rewards exploration, social bravery, and the combats are well tuned for the tier with interesting enemies.

The adventure follows the standard 2 hours plus 2 bonus objectives format.

Also Included!

There are 15 map files included with this document that cover Dungeon Master, Player, gridded, gridless (for use with your Virtual Tabletop of choice!), and greyscale! In addition, there’s a high resolution artwork of the Archfey present in the module.

Playtest Feedback

I ****ing love this story!”

“It was magical, in the truest sense of the word!”

“I love that it was threaded with lore and mystery!”

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