Hexagon Extras (Numbers) Tokens / Minis for Savage Worlds

Need more Extras, allies, or enemies (even just as innocent bystanders) but don’t want to say the 3rd dime from the left (who’s left?) or the soda cap near my player?  We have you covered!

These are numbered hexagon Tokens 3D print files designed for compatibility with Savage Worlds to be used as Extras.  Can be used as Objective markers.

You will be getting a 3D STL digital file to print your own models.

Included for this purchase are the following file:

  • Hexagon Extra Tokens Numbered 0 – 9, 10 pieces.

Each Token measures 11/16 inches square base (0.2 inch tall) for use with unmarked or 1” scale maps.  They are reversable “S” on that back to represent the Shaken status and also the number which appears on the front, as seen on the image for the 1 and 7 tokens.

It is suggested to paint or ink the numbers for better contrast.

Print or paint Tokens in different colors for various Extra units.

For personal use, not for distribution or resale.

Pieces made from these files would be choking hazards for small children.

Check out your local library as they may have free 3D printing services available.

Happy Gaming

See other shapes and demarcations available as well:


This product is priced at $3.00


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