Opulent Ballroom (32×58)

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We’ve been suggested different ideas ballrooms since some of our earliest polls but despite always doing well they’ve never won outright. Well, now we’ve made one! Hopefully this is useful to all of you who’ve suggested or voted for it in the past.

We kept the era of the ballroom a bit vague so hopefully it’ll be useful to you whether you want a medieval court dance, a Gothic masquerade, a Victorian waltz or if you’re just stumbling in on a cultist’s after dinner party.

This map was made in collaboration with the wonderful Jesse over at Saltspire maps. Check out their patreon for more RPG battlemaps. 🙂

We made a ton of variations this time, including an astral one that hints at an upcoming map of ours which we’re working on with Zhillustrator. We wanted to play up the idea of cultist magic, spells, portals and hexes so there’s lots of that going on for your party to uncover in this lavish hall. As well as some Mind Flayer mischief going on beneath the surface.

Grab the map files below:

Opulent Ballroom – $1 Rewards

Opulent Ballroom – $3 Rewards

Opulent Ballroom – $5 Rewards

This week’s variation lineup:


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