The Lone Hunter’s Bushcraft Guide (Fantasy Grounds)


The Lone Hunter’s Bushcraft Guide concerns various new options for creating and managing an exploration challenge in your campaign.

Venture in the wilderness with the knowledge of how to survive any situation by crafting new gear using what nature offers, face new beasts, natural hazards and the beast within. The Lone Hunter’s Bushcraft Guide is meant both for Dungeon Masters and players, offering new game options and guidelines to make the wilderness exploration more realistic and challenging. 


Chapter I explores some fundamental concepts of nature and how to start an exploration challenge. 
Chapter II includes mechanics for hostile environments, encounters and new options to enhance wild settings game experience.
Chapter III contains a list of monster from the Monster Manual and what a player can create by using its rests.
Chapter IV contains a collection of new animals which expand upon those from the Monster Manual. 
Chapter V includes a list of plants from various different ecosystems each described in detail with their effects. 
Chapter VI introduces new archetypes for the ranger class.

Appendix A introduces 6 new spells for the ranger class.
Appendix B introduces 15 new magic items.
Appendix C contains a short adventure set in the Winterhold Valley, an extreme
arctic region where the characters must face the harsh of the cold and the hazards hidden in the terrain.





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