Three-Dragon Ante

A Barbarian, a Wizard, and a Cleric Walk into a Tavern . . .

. . . to gather a little information, plan their next dungeon foray-and kick back with a game of
THREE-DRAGON ANTE. Crack open this box and experience the high-stakes game of chance
preferred by DUNGEONS & DRAGONS’ characters of all classes and levels.
Play THRBE-DRAGON ANTE as a standalone card game when you don’t have time for a full-fledged D&D® adventure. Or play it as part of your roleplaying campaign-where your character’s abilities can give you a unique winning edge! THREE·DRACON ANTE is a fas1-paced noncollectable card game for two 10 six players. To play, you’ll need chips, coins, or some or her way 10 represenr each player’s hoard of 50 gold pieces. Contains 72 cards and rulebook.

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