Tutorial Isle

Our unfortunate heroes find themselves stuck on a hellish island in which all people seemingly speak in too simple sentences. They are forced to learn combat anew before embarking on their adventure.

Because something brews atop the mountain; an ancient ritual made by a tabaxi much like the heroes themselves – a ritual so powerful that it might tear the island apart.

The heroes must be quick, however, because if they stay too long on Etoya, their sanity will slip, and they will convert into NPCs – stuck with their final words forever on their tongues.

Will you brave the dangers of Tutorial Isle?

Unleash the power of a video game like tutorial on your poor players as they struggle to figure out why they can’t effectively communicate with the NPCs and why they have to take things step by step as if they were simply starting over from the very beginning. 

Let them have fun figuring out shortcuts and bonus quests while they try to navigate Etoya – an island that slowly turns its inhabitants into mindless NPCs whose only jobs are to further the storyline. 

Get ready to laugh at their pain or laugh with them as they work themselves into frustrated frenzies – or let them tear the entire island apart. 


– One main quest for players of either 1st or 7th level with mindless NPCs ‘fleshed out’.

– One Tabaxi who got stuck on the island just like the players and is now trying to wreak elemental havoc upon it

– Lots of goblinoids

– Two fleshed out sidequests with rewards and NPCs for the players to explore

– A narrator whose only job is to annoy the players (and maybe help them … a little)

Go have fun with your players!

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