December’s Game!

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The poll to choose December’s game has finished and the result was a resounding victory for a Tunnel Goons hack. And honestly, I’m really pleased about that! This gives me the opportunity to finish off a game I’ve been working on for a while – Loot Goons!

Loot Goons takes Tunnel Goons and adds a new inventory system to the game. Every item you pick up has a number of tags that tell you what’s special about it – but they also take up space in your inventory, forcing you to play a Tetris-like inventory management game inspired by games like X-Com and Diablo. My good friend Whipstache (who designed the Loot The Room website and the header I use here on Patreon) is making some character sheets for the game, and I’ve done some illustrations that you can see in the image on this post.

Since this game is nearly done already I’ll be able to make sure you get it before Xmas. I’ll also have a poll up for January’s game next week so I can get a head start on that.

Thanks as always for your continued support, and I hope you’re enjoying The Hunted!


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