Thunderscape TinyD6 Starter Kit

Welcome to the World of Aden!

Aden is a world where magic and technology exist side by side, each standing on their own or together with the advent of mechamagic, the hybrid of both. Fifteen years ago, the cataclysmic Darkfall nearly destroyed the world, and even now, life is a constant struggle for survival. Into this world, young adventurers have made their way and now return to their home village of Sanctum, only to discover that nowhere is immune to the horrors of the Darkfall and the avarice of evil men.

The Thunderscape Starter Kit is a complete, self-contained adventure for the Thunderscape TinyD6 Role-playing game! It has everything you need, including six pre-generated characters featuring the unique mechanics of the Thunderscape setting! If you love TinyD6 but aren’t sure if Thunderscape is for you, the Thunderscape Starter Kit will introduce you to the world and all its many themes, allowing you to customize the adventure to suit your tastes and the tastes of your players!

This product is priced at $4.99


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