Georgia on my mind


Georgia on my mind

The newest community made campaign for the Call of Cthulhu tabletop roleplaying game. From the creator of the grand 5 part Edo Japan camapign.

Georgia on my mind is a campaign made up of SIX, varied and different scenarios, taking place all the way from the dangerous wild west to the neon lit bubblegum 1950s.

A hospital lockdown gone wrong 

A three sided gang war with no correct sides

A deep dive into Atlantas troubled past 

A time senstive chase through one of Americas most dangerous national forests

A murder mystery beyond the stars 

A grand, heartbreaking finale

Whats included?

The Georgia on my mind campaign contains 6 scenarios taking up 216 pages of mystery, horror and drama in 1950s Atlanta. Three different PDFs containing the campaign, collected handouts for printing and collected maps for printing.

35 unique and individually crafted handouts 

17 detailed, full colour maps

Atleast six nights of fun and terror.