Shadow on the Sea

Dark Deeds and Deadly Perils Across the Kentish Coast.

For centuries the towns and villages of England’s south coast have acted as hives of activity for smugglers and their more dealy brethren, wreckers who lure ships to their doom using false lights. Nowhere is this more true than St Margarett at Cliffe, a small, unassuming village situated close to one of the most significant Marine hazards in the whole world, the Goodwin Sands, a watery grave to over 2000 ships.

But stranger things are afoot than the ghosts of drowned sailors.

Shadow on the Sea is a scenario set in England in the 1920s offering challenges that will terrify even the most experienced of Call of Cthulhu players.

  • A simple request — sends investigators on a perilous quest to uncover the dark past of an outwardly sleepy village.  
  • Alien Terrors — strange creatures from other worlds and dark magics pit themselves against investigators locked in battle with hideous creatures of living clay
  • Dive to the Ocean floor—in a race against time to retrieve a package that could spell dire consequences for the entire world.
  • Daring battles atop a world-famous lighthouse —and other real-world settings in the historical locale of Kent.
  • Ancient Evils — gather in a plot to overthrow the natural order and bring chaos and madness to the world.

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