High Pass Fortress 40×30 Battlemap

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After a recent adventure went awry one of your companions has been afflicted by a wasting disease that hasn’t been seen in over a thousand years. No herbalists have been able to help and even magical means of healing have failed.

With time short you’ve had to reach out to contacts that may hold a specific ancient tome which you’ve been informed may contain a cure. Unfortunately however the only library who still holds this tome belongs to the city of High Pass and is under the private care of their military wing.

They won’t let you in as the library contains information within which is considered classified and they also won’t allow you to take the tome out. With little choice left you’ll have to break into the fortress and recover the tomb by whatever means you can muster.

Moonlit High Pass Fortress

Bloody Styx Fortress

Styx Fortress

Dragonblade Keep

Moonlit Dragonblade Keep


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