Corefinder Design Digest #26: Full Attack

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Full Attack

A creature can make multiple attacks in the same round if they choose, sacrificing accuracy for the chance to land more blows and perhaps increase your chance of a high roll and a critical hit or of having another chance one attack roll misses.

Multiple Attacks: When using the Full Attack action, you make two attack rolls as part of the same standard action. You can take these attacks at any point during your turn. You can attack and then move, move and then attack, or split up your movement and attacks however you wish. You can make ranged or melee attacks in any combination with a full attack, as long as the weapons you wield allow you to do both.

When using the Full Attack action, if you are incapacitated or affected during your turn by an effect that causes you to lose the ability attack or to take standard actions, you forfeit any remaining attacks you have not yet taken. If you are wielding more than one weapon, you can switch between weapons as you make your attacks, but this does not increase your number of attacks.

If your BAB is at least +11, you can make three attack rolls as part of the same standard action.

Fighting Defensively: When using the full attack action, you can engage in a flurry of wild swings that keeps your enemies at bay. Until the beginning of your next turn, you take a -4 penalty on all attack rolls but gain a +2 circumstance bonus to AC.

Readying: You cannot Ready a Full Attack (but see the Guard or Overwatch full actions).

Attack Roll Penalty: When you use the full attack action, you take a penalty on all attack rolls you make until the beginning of your next turn. This penalty is based on your BAB, as follows:

BAB  Multiple attack penalty

0 to +4 -4

+5 to +9 -3

+10 to +14 -2

+15 to +19 -1

+20 or greater no penalty

Natural Weapons: Creatures with natural weapons can incorporate them into the full attack action:

Multiple Natural Weapons: If you have multiple natural weapons, when you use the full attack action you can make one attack with each natural weapon. Many monsters with natural weapons may have the ability to reduce or eliminate the multiple attack penalty when attacking with their natural weapons.

Secondary Natural Weapons: For some creatures, some of their natural weapons may be stronger than others. Weaker natural weapons are called secondary natural weapons and creatures take a -5 penalty on attack rolls with them and add only 1/2 their Strength modifier on damage rolls.

Combining Natural Weapons and Other Attacks: You can make one extra attack with a natural weapon in the same round you use the full attack action to make multiple attacks with a manufactured weapon or unarmed strike. This natural weapon must use a different limb than the limb(s) you are using to wield your primary weapon. This natural weapon attack takes the same multiple attack penalty as the rest of your attacks, and it is always considered a secondary natural weapon when used in this way.

Ranged Weapons: The same rules for a Full Attack apply with both melee and ranged weapons, although you may need to take other actions to draw additional weapons to throw or to reload a projectile weapon in order to make all of your attacks. If your projectile weapon runs out of ammunition and you cannot reload, you cannot make any more ranged attacks until you do. You must have a free hand to draw a new weapon or reload a projectile weapon. When wielding a two-handed ranged weapon, you are considered to have a free hand for the purpose of reloading but not for any other purposes, unless the weapon description explicitly says otherwise.

Each ranged attack you make provokes attacks of opportunity from creatures that threaten you.


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