Let’s Create a Monster Part 2 – Results!

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Awesome ideas from you all. In the end, only three could win. I’ve also picked the fourth place runner up to have it turned into a stat block (sans Nacho’s art, unfortunately), since it seems like a pretty easy one to do. 

Here’s your monsters:

Jerod Fahlman (18 Votes)

“How about a Dream Golem–kind of a thing consciously created from the collective nightmares or dreams of a surrounding area. A city could have a huge one made from it’s sleeping citizens. In the countryside maybe one would be stitched from the dreams of a flock of sheep, or a herd of cows, or even a pack of some predators.”

Magnus Rock (16 Votes)

A” sort of shade that attaches itself to a person, like a sort of symbiotic relationship. Usually children as they are inviting due to imaginary friends (but of course it is flexible). The shade influences the person it is attached to in subtle ways to cause misfortune to happen to the family and friends of the person, feeding off of the despair.

If discovered, it attempts to flee. It’s a cowardly creature, but has a lot of suggestion and charm effects to hide itself.”

John Culpepper (15 Votes)

“A person cursed with ‘too much magic’  causing it to bleed out and affect the world around them. Essentially, a wild magic surge worsener. Or something along these lines”

Andrew Cunningham (11 Votes) – 1st Runner Up

“I would love some Jester/ clowns for low level fights. Every fanmade monster I have seen has been very over tuned. Some carnival esque monsters”


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