In a weird, whimsical, endless sky, villages cling to small rocky spheres lit by sentient suns, brave souls voyage far beyond the reach of gravity toward rootless mountains in far-flung orbits, and strange skybeasts swim wild through vast and distant twilights.

Welcome to the Azure Etern.

This supplement for any fantasy roleplaying system gives you the rules and inspiration to run your own hexcrawl-style adventure in an infinite sky. Handle dangerous voyages through the clouds with a strategic Journey System, learn the secrets of Orcery to distill alchemical secrets from the winds, generate new flying peoples and ships of all descriptions, and peruse so many adventure seeds and encounter ideas, you won’t remember which way is up. Not that you’ll need to. 

Detail from the Skycrawl cover, showing a skyship silhouetted against a bank of dark clouds.

Skycrawl Features:

  • The same core system as best-seller Downcrawl, improved and extended with new rules and an entirely original setting
  • Gives GMs tools to create a player-driven hexcrawl in an infinite sky that maintains a sense of wonder and narrative momentum.
  • Build a paper orrery at the table, charting the positions of floating Lands as they whirl through the sky in eccentric orbits. If you sail too far from home, it might not be there by the time you get back! 
  • Chock-full of useful tables for GMs, including 100 unique atmospheres to sail through:
Excerpt from the Table of Atmospheres

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