The Lost Halls of Scarnascis – 5e

The Lost Halls of Scarnascis is a DUNGEONS & DRAGONS 5e adventure for 3-5 characters of 3rd level. It is designed to be played in a single session.

The Lost Halls of Scarnascis

The party has found a magical treasure map. For the map to reveal its secrets, in magical text, it states that they must swear a pact of companionship over personal interest, of generosity over greed, and harmony over discord.

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A magical map, a solemn pact, and the halls of a lost civiliation. Could these be the fabled lands of Scarnascis? The legendary civilization that incurred the wrath of The Lords of Order?

Legends say that as punishment, the ground opened and swallowed its major cities, including its capital, thus ending a  protracted civil war and restoring order from the chaos. What wondrous treasures could be had within? Can you stay on the path of Order and reach the precious treasures that surely await?

Lost Halls of Scarnascis cover

For the DM

This is a trap-laden, monster-light, two-level dungeon crawl. In playtesting it was always completed in under four hours. It’s setting neutral, and it can be deadly for parties who are not of a cautious nature. Right at the beginning, it starts off with a trap to remind the players that dungeons are deadly places. The payoff is a set of magical weapons with elemental properties and a dangling plot point for further adventure.

Great for quick drop-in games, one-shots, or as an interlude or lead-in to your main storyline.

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