100 Individuals and Groups to Meet on the Road (PFRPG)

When characters are travelling between places on the roads and paths, there are going to be other travellers, groups and individuals, pedestrians and riders, on the routes as well. This supplement has 100 different travellers and groups that can enliven a journey. Some of the travellers are innocuous, some are interesting and some may be a potential threat. Others can be a potential source of adventure hooks. Small groups and individuals have all the travellers named; larger groups just the principal NPC.

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Here are some sample results:

  • Ghoran Trelpor: Ghoran (drunkard, see the GameMastery Guide) staggers into view, swaying from side to side, barely able to remain upright. A jug dangles from one hand, now largely empty, for Ghoran is extremely drunk. They will “recognise” that characters as old friends and stumble across to them, offering a drink from their jug, spraying alcohol around as they do, vomit all over the feet of one of the characters than collapse and pass out on the road.
  • Gral Borchas: Gral (human expert 3) is the foreman of a group of six workers (human expert 1) who are currently repairing the road, both the current area and in other spots. They are filling in potholes and ruts but passing them can be difficult as they tend to block the road. They have a couple of wagons with them as well, pulled by sturdy horses, on which they have their tools and supplies needed to fix the route.
  • Hasta Tilna: Hasta is a rather emaciated-looking individual who wants to travel with others for protection. This is not true; they wish to travel with others because they are hungry. Hasta is a life-sucker in constant need of sustenance and, if travelling with others, will drain life energy from a traveller every night. Not enough to kill the traveller, but the victim will look weaker in the morning. The observant will notice that Hasta gets less emaciated as they travel with them. (Hasta is a human fighter 3 whose life-sucking ability will drain 1 Con every night from a target that fails a DC 10 Fort test; lost Con will be regained as normal.)
  • Hel Morn and Carda Barth: Hel and Carda (treat as guards, but armed with mwk crossbows instead of the guisarme and javelin, see the NPC Codex) are driving a wagon off recently harvested lumber that is being taken to the city. The lumber was treated and cut up at a sawmill near to where it was harvested, and is ready to be used in carpentry and building. Though the cargo doesn’t look that valuable, and certainly weighs a lot, it is valuable enough that both Hel and Carda are armed with crossbows to discourage bandits. (The wagon is a heavy wagon and there are 3,500 lbs of wood worth 5 sp per lb.)
  • Honarth Turmick and Jalal Vusthan: Honarth and Jalal (both human commoner 1) are accompanied by almost every member of their village, with only those unable to do the journey staying at home. As is the tradition, a couple about to get married, as they are, are escorted by the other villagers in a procession to an ancient standing stone for luck, before heading back to the village temple to get married.

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The supplement is also available in a system neutral version. You do not need to buy both versions.

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