Welcome to FinalDungeon!

This is a fast-paced, rules light, fantasy RPG for both new players looking for an easy yet immersive introduction to roleplaying games as well as RPG veterans  searching for a mechanically simple and intuitive yet rewarding game system.

The players create a party of characters that begin at level 1 and then move through the phases of Battle, Looting & Leveling Up, and story advancement through Roleplay.

After 10 cycles of these phases, the party reaches level 10 and are ready to delve the depths of the Final Dungeon and defeat the Big Bad Boss.

If the party can accomplish this without dying, they’ve won the game!

FinalDungeon is designed to be mechanically simple and open ended in scene and setting, making it a perfect system for creative players and Game Masters that like to homebrew and world-build. The ease and simplicity of the mechanics allow for players to flex their creativity without feeling encumbered by a plethora of rules and cannon lore to learn and adhere to. Whether it’s killing a few hours when the whole crew can’t make it to game night or setting off on a long term campaign, FinalDungeon will be the perfect choice!

FinalDungeon can also be played as a tactics game (with two or more players versing each other in matches, each with their own team of multiple characters), or as an arena game (with multiple players that battle each other in matches, each in charge of a single character).

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