Pulp Cthulhu: Null


Welcome to Null, a sci-fi setting for the 24th Century. This setting features cosmic horror, exploration, dark conspiracies, and gritty action designed for play using the Pulp Cthulhu rules.

This book contains new Pulp Archetypes, updated occupations, locations, equipment, factions, alien technology, power armor, as well as new rules covering space travel and radiation. You’ll also find sample stat blocks and recommendations on alien species to use in your game. This setting guide also contains a scenario to get you started. Ring of Fire introduces you to a sampling of everything the book has to offer. It may be played as a one-shot or as part of a campaign.

“Dark cultists of the King in Yellow seek to corrupt mortals on Earth, the vanguard of an invasion force. Cults devoted to Cthulhu sabotage one another as they seek to achieve conflicting goals. Acolytes of Nyarlathotep climb to the highest positions of power, reveling in the chaos their activities spawn. Rival factions posture for dominance over the solar system while exploiting the colonies. The time has come for the Old Ones to return. 


Humanity has slipped the bonds of Earth and stretched out across the solar system, beginning the journey to the stars. Starships powered by fusion drives can travel to the edges of the solar system within weeks, though the stars remain firmly outside of humanity’s grasp. If we only knew the true terrors that lie sleeping in the void, perhaps we would not be so eager to venture forth.


Alien technology powered by a mysterious element we call Null has catapulted humanity into the future. Null can generate dark energy and warp space-time. The effects caused by this element are as powerful as they are incomprehensible. Nobody understands the technology, but that’s not stopping us from using it. The Anubis Corporation holds exclusive patents on all Null technology, and their army of lawyers guards those secrets jealously.”

You can watch the playtest by following the link to the YouTube channel. Thanks for supporting this product. I’ll be releasing new location supplements and scenarios soon!