Options for Trollskull Manor (Fantasy Grounds)

So Volo gave you Trollskull Manor. You even had it renovated and first patrons come to taste your ale. But what’s next? This small module is useful for both DMs and players and offers:

– simple rules for making deals and earning money

– 16 upgrades for the manor and tavern, which provide small game-mechanics benefits

– a cool-looking handout: the Deed of Ownership

– 40 random events that occur when the heroes are away adventuring

– a short 2-hour adventure based on the tavern’s history

And of course

MAPS! Beautiful, colorful, hand-drawn maps of each floor!

Note: the original version of some of the rules appeared in “Homeward Bound – simple rules for a player-owned base.” The rules here have been improved and adapted for Waterdeep: Dragon Heist

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Last Christmas (Fantasy Grounds)

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