100 Dungeons and Dragons 5e SRD CHARACTERS level 7-9 vol2

Sometimes you need to create a character “on the fly”. Whether it’s an NPC that your players are about to meet or to help you create scenarios, all you need is a spark of lightning to stimulate your imagination.


Books of the 100 5th SRD CHARACTERS series are companion volume to roleplaying games compatible with Dungeons & Dragons 5th SRD. You will find in this book 100 characters ready to play. Information you’ll find in this volume are designed for drag and drop: characters are completely described according to the rules of the 5th SRD.


Example of outcome:

75. Brona Zedido (F), Human, Barbarian:Battlerager 8
AC: 18, HP: 75 (8d12 + 8), Speed 30′
STR :20 (5), DEX :14 (2), CON :13 (1), INT :9 (-1), WIS :15 (2), CHA :15 (2)
Saving Throws Str +8, Con +4, Passive Perception: 15, Languages: Common, Gnomish,Celestial
Skills: Survival +5, History +2, Nature +2, Perception +5.
Melee: Attack +8 Damage +5, Ranged: Attack +5 Damage: +2

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