Devil in Details: Rooms Elaboration

This book is designed for all those gamers, masters and storytellers who wants to add a little “extra” to the rooms in their campaigns.

None of the features shown here refer to a specific RPG or setting, wanting to make it as integrable as possible with as many systems as possible, we wanted to stay as vague as possible.

The traits presented here, moreover, were not created with the idea of interacting with any specific system, or to provide particular bonuses in delicate situations (such as combat, which is typically the “sub-system” of any RPG, and requires more attention when you go to touch it), but just to add an extra touch or simply a curiosity or memorable peculiarity to the characters played or met by the players.

ATTENTION PLEASE: this book is a work in progress and we will be update it month by month adding more contents and better graphic.

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