Eternal lurks the Darkness


Some love them, some fear them, and some don’t know what to do with them. But they are essential to every Coriolis game; Darkness Points.

This awesome PDF will help you get more out of this unique Year Zero mechanic. The first part deepens your understanding of Darkness Points. It shows you how to use them without it being arbitrary. Not only will you take away any fears and worries from your players, but you will make your game even better.

In the second part, you will find over 50 new possible uses for Darkness Point, clearly sorted according to different situations (e.g., for combat, social interactions, or mystic powers). And if you want to leave it to the icons: each chapter begins with a table for random effects. Also, there are more general tips and tricks as well as a brand new creature of the Darkness that is just waiting to haunt your crew.

I wrote these game resources with the experience of a two-year-long campaign and many years as a game designer.

Eternal lurks the Darkness is an English translation. The German original is available exclusively for Patreons of Uhrwerk Verlag.

About me (the author)

I’m a novelist, playwright, and show director from Germany. And a nerd and a professional RPG author with over 15 years of experience. I published more than three dozen books for Das Schwarze Auge / The Dark Eye, including 15+ adventures and scenarios, three novels, and several short stories. Some of them won awards. Other works have been published or planned for SplittermondForbidden Lands, and more.

The German crowdfunding brought me in contact with Coriolis and made me a fan immediately. For over two years, I have been running a successful campaign in the Third Horizon now.