Grimbo Grotto – Christmas Farcical Horror Adventure

A system neutral 4 page one-shot adventure with a farcical X-Mas horror vibe


  • Evil gnomes running a clandestine psychedelic mushroom harvesting operation
  • Candy Cane Golem
  • Gift Wrapping Monster
  • Mimic Presents
  • Giant Putrid Gravy-Spewing Undead Turkey
  • Tree Ent Christmas Tree hostage
  • Were-reindeer cult

That’s it.

– – –

I’m very happy for you to pay nothing for this product; and anything given to me will only be frittered away on RPG-related wares anyway. That said, even a nominal sum like 50 cents seems to bump this thing up the DriveThru charts and encourages me to make more things like this!

This product is priced at $0.00


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