Superhero Kids RPG

Superhero Kids is compatible with and uses all the same rules found in your copy of the Hero Kids RPG. If you don’t have it go grab it, it’s great fun and covers the core rules you’ll need to play Superhero Kids!

The Superhero Kids Roleplaying Game book contains 31 pages of unique settings and elements with which to have super-powered adventures in Evergreen City, including:

  • Rules unique to Superhero Kids including Surge for truly heroic action

  • Eight diverse and iconic characters on full-page full-colour character sheets

  • New skills for facing foes

  • Unique inventory items for fighting crime

  • New Powers to amaze and astonish

  • Character advancement and rules for creating custom Superhero Kids characters

  • Evergreen City details and map

  • Full colour character cutouts

  • All new art and helpful hints for parents and kids new to roleplaying games

    Nightfox and The Patriot Character Sheets

This product is priced at $5.99


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