“Before civilization fell and the wilderness reclaimed its throne, the Children of Marble ruled. Now, in the Age of Hunger, the peoples of Rhenge live on the brink.”

Set in the aftermath of an apocalytpic war between nature and civilization, the world of Rhenge is a place haunted by not only the sins of its past but the promises of its future. The peoples of the world have only recently returned from near extinction, and they are beset on all sides by the wilderness itself. Here, there are no kings and queens, nor cities and their endless standing armies. Instead, everyone must work together as equals in order to survive. For many, this means scavenging the ruins of the late, great superpower that fell centuries ago, while for others, this means standing alone in the face of impossible, supernatural odds.

Rhenge has everything you need to begin your Rhenge campaign, including:

  • 7 Ages of Rhengian history and lore
  • 2 new pantheons of gods and spirits
  • 2 new playable races: the cloven and the riven
  • 3 new cleric domains
  • 1 full, introductory adventure
  • New feats and magic items
  • A whole new list of weapons
  • New exploration mechanics
  • New encumbrance mechanics
  • 20 new adventure locations
  • & much, much more

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