Desmeena’s Anthology of Spellcasting

Spells you didn’t know you needed!

“Good day, magic enthusiasts! Desmeena here! I’m excited that you’re taking a glance at the spells I’ve compiled here! As you know, us oozkin are obsessed in our chosen academics and studies, and I just so happen to study the art of spellcasting and magecraftery! In my adventures through the world, I’ve encountered many unique and intriguing spells that I just cannot wait to share with my fellow spellcasters. These spells listed here represent my life’s work, and I even have a few of my own originated spells within as well. With the help of my good friend Gananath, the world’s greatest wizard detective and sleuth extraordinaire, we’ve compiled these spells for those studious sorts like us who are not friends of limits!”

– Desmeena, Professor of Arcanology at Oozopolis University

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