Gnomish Pointed Cap Writing

History tells us that the ancestors of the gnomes were fashioned from gems embedded in the living rock which formed the body of the primordial world itself.  As they sprang to life in those nascent days, the ancestors were vastly different than the gnomes of the realms of today.  The earliest ancestors were known by many names: Nisse, Tomte, Tomtenisse, Tonttu, or Kabouter.  They were far smaller and far more secretive than modern gnomes and were known for wearing tall, pointed caps, often red in color.  They were also more closely bonded with the Fey.  This is how Pointed Cap Writing came to be.  The Archfey gifting writing to the Nisse to honor them for revering and protecting nature and used the emblematic Red Pointed Caps as the model for the typography of the script.

Use this ancient writing system to enhance the lore of the Gnomes in your campaign.

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