Three Blind Mice

District 268 with its varied polities and existence in the shadow of the Imperium to trailing, and the Zhodani to Coreward is always a region where travelling can be, well, interesting. In the years prior to the Fifth Frontier War, these tensions can be exacerbated by any number of factions having their own agendas: political, personal, provocative. The Cold War between Trexalon and Collace doesn’t help matters.  Close to the borders with the Trojan Reaches a desperate group of individuals is about to encounter a motley collection of merchants just trying to make their way.

Stowaways, agents, an orphan and the odd former slaver or two… it’s all happening against a backdrop of disability in various forms and possibly even a wartime atrocity. 

NOTE: First published by 13Mann, this Marc Miller/Mongoose Publishing authorized second edition updates all rules to Mongoose Traveller 2nd Edition, tweaks and clarifies the text, expands certain sections (in particular the finale), upgrades an NPC to a potential PC, adds Library Data and images, and includes Cepheus Engine conversions for all PCs, NPCs  and tasks.

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