SM4 Winter Foes

Greetings adventurers and Game Masters!

I am pleased to release a game supplement detailing several wicked, wintry foes you may add to your Old School Renaissance (“OSR”) campaigns, to challenge your players during these cold dark winter months. Inside this tome you will find five new monsters: two undead and three extra-planar creatures. There is the undead barrow wight (6HD), the mighty snow demi-elemental (6-16HD), the terrifying frost giant ghost (10HD), the demonic ice mephit (4HD) and the suffocating cold ooze (5HD).

This supplement contains the complete OSR statistics which I personally designed to bring each of these beings to life in my campaign world of Terrans. They are, however, generic enough that they should be compatible with most OSR retro-clones.

The original versions of these creatures first appeared in in the pages of my holiday and one one-shot adventures, and while I believe these adventures had a lot to offer, I also recognized many GMs running OSR games, especially the many of you who do not like to run pre-made scenarios and are into DiY campaigns, might enjoy having ready-made OSR version of these beasties to drop into their own campaigns at the holidays. So I decided to release these version of my favourite wintry foes for your personal use and enjoyment! They are easily modified to challenge players of any level by merely adjusting their hit dice and hit points.

I hope this supplement helps you liven-up your winter gaming sessions!

PLUS you get a free copy of my 2020 Starry Knight Press Catalog, which has information on all of my modules and supplements, as well as maps of the known portions of the sphere of Terrans where my campaigns take place. (This will be update in 2021 when me new catalog comes out).

Louis “sirlou” Kahn
Starry Knight Press
December 2020

This product is priced at $1.99


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