Temple of The Black Circle

Temple of the Black Circle is a monster Saga, the culmination of the previous two Sagas Tomb of the Atlantean King and Home on the Range. Collectivly all three books make up the Zar’Grim Saga, a campaign for Beyond the Black Sea. 

10,000 BC is an age of adventure. This mythic Earth ushers in a fantasy Earth setting based on the Golden Age of Sword & Sorcery. There are few humans in the world at this time and they are scattered across the world in small tribal communities or clinging to the ruins of ancient pre-human civilisations. Barbarians, primitive savages, priests and monsters plot in a strange world of violence and ancient mystery.

This Saga is designed for advanced characters who have received at least 1000 experience points. Characters who completed Tomb of the Atlantean King and or Home on the range will be ideally suited to this challenging Saga.

The characters must stop an evil cult from summoning their dead deity to bring about an apocalyptic end to the world as it is and rise as new masters over a newly devastated world. They journey into an ancient forgotten oasis, encounter dinosaurs, an ancient civilisation and do battle with the high priest before he awakens his evil god.

To play this Saga you only need the core Beyond the Black Sea rule book and the Beyond the Black Sea Bestiary.

What’s in this book

♦ 130 page Saga
♦ Monsters & Animals for Beyond the Black Sea Dinosaurs!
♦ 26 NPCs, New Perks for NPCs, a new Sphere of Magic
♦ Alchemy Items, a new Hybrid Ophidian Character Race
♦ Completly compatible with all of the Dark Stars systems

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