Valley of Snow and Flesh

Three people are missing in Dinshelter Valley. People have been disappearing in those dark woods for decades but these three will be the last. The parasite that’s festered underneath the snowy earth is ready to break free of its host, and it may take the whole valley with it.

A sketch of three trees with bark stripped away, with gooey cuts that resemble three stacked V's a.

A 4 to 6 hour adventure for 9th to 11th level characters

Valley of Snow and Flesh includes the following:

  • 26-page full color PDF of the adventure
  • Printer and screen-reader friendly PDFs
  • A hex-crawl mystery through Dinshelter Valley
  • A 13-area dungeon in an ancient dwarven bathhouse
  • Hand-drawn player and DM maps of both areas
  • 20-minutes of original PWYW music with suggestions for use in the adventure
  • A player handout and 15 pieces of original art

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