Battlelords – Silent Wars

Silent Wars. The Battlelords’ Rebel Sourcebook

Includes information on:

  • Silent Wars (Story)
  • The History of the Rebellion
  • The Rebels
  • Who Are the Rebels
  • Organization
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Factions
  • What the Rebellion is Doing
  • Zzzwhirr (New Species)
  • Racial Attitudes (on the Rebellion)
  • Tactics
  • Rebel Assignments
  • Variant Rebel Campaigns
  • Rebel Battlelords
  • Adventure Ideas
  • Battle Master Ideas
  • Agents

This product is for the 6th edition of the Battlelords of the Twenty-Third Century roleplaying game and is being released under our Old Skool product line.

The new 7th Edition (aka Kickstarter Edition), which has streamlined and revised rules and is full color throughout the book,.is available here:–CORE-RULES?src=DTRPGselfreferal

This product is priced at $7.50


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