DMDave is Going on Vacation!

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I’ve just finished up the last of my posts for the holidays, so there are still two adventures (maybe three) plus a few more monsters that will hit your eyeballs by year’s end.

It’s been a wild year! All thanks to you! So, if you all don’t mind, I’m going to take a much-needed vacation which starts tomorrow and lasts until January 4th.  

If you haven’t already seen it, I’ve already got our calendar for January pieced together which includes, as of this writing, 20 new adventures, 20 new monsters, 4 new players options, and probably a lot more.

Check out the schedule: 

I’ll be checking in periodically to answer customer service emails, etc. so I’ll still kind of be around.

A few notes before I go:

1) The post office in the US is a mess right now, so expect a few delays. Our content schedule is waaaaay on target, though. We’ve got fresh content to take us through March right now with some to spare, and Scott’s got two books on the way. But until the COVID slowdowns end and the holidays subside, we expect to continue to see delays.

2) The only thing I’ll be writing during my time off will be finishing up Legends of Omeria as well as another project I owe a friend. So expect to see some updates on that front.

3) Likely, we will be totally restructuring our Patreon benefits to reflect the larger influx of content. This means that we’ll be releasing “daily packages” so you guys aren’t getting a flood of updates each day. We will probably also offer a tier that just does weekly, again, to avoid the huge influx of content. So Buckler might move from monthly to bi-weekly (or even weekly).

Thank You All!

Big thanks to the awesome folks who made this year impossible, especially Sarge; Scott and Jennifer Craig; Adam Z and Amelia; Theresa, Frosty, Melissa, Darryl, and Regan; Jelisa, Amber, and the rest of our friends at Roll20; all of the collaborators and writing staff; The DMDave Irregulars; all you awesome patrons, Kickstarter backers, social media and email subscribers; plus all our friends, family, and the people at WotC who own this crazy game.

See y’all next year!


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