So, I forgot to post this. It’s the floating market, except with nothing floating and no market.

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I made this a couple weeks ago and I thought I’d posted it, but I just realized I hadn’t. Sorry about that, but here it is now. I thought this map might be more useful to some people with an empty river and it only took a few hours to make, so I did. And then I completely forgot about it. Oops.

Anyway, I’m working on the map of an estate on the plane of shadow and it is easily the most unsettling map I’ve ever made. There’s a fountain of black liquid pouring from the eyes of a stone head. There’s a bed covered in teeth. And there’s a room where reality is falling apart.

The Shadowfell is a strange and alien place and I want this map to reflect that. It’s not the flaming abyss of damnation, exactly, but it’s definitely not just some place where it’s hard to see. It’s kind of a Diet Hell. I want this map to be a place your players don’t want to be and, unless they are really into H.R. Giger, I don’t think they will.

Well, just thought I’d give you an update on how that’s coming. I’m gonna start inking it tonight and I should have it done and posted in a few more days.


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