The Monastery of Nyx – I Walk Alone Ep. 2

The hero of Ahun returns in the next episode of the “I Walk Alone” series. A solo series dedicated to play between a single-player and a DM.

A stranger from a distant land asks the hero to retrieve a rune stone from a cursed monastery. Meanwhile, the hero’s actions in the first episode have earned them a price on their head. A dangerous sword-for-hire lurks in the desert, attempting to lure the hero into a trap.

This is an adventure designed for a single player with a level 2 hero run by a DM.

This module features:

1. Color Maps

2. Two new items: The Robe of Zen and The Blade of Seven Suns.

3. New Monk archetype:  Path of the Dunewalker

4. Pre-generated 2nd level hero.

This product is priced at $1.99


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