Ankheg Acreage

Ankheg Acreage! We’ve left the city for a spell and crafted this quaint farm. It features a house and stables, along with a field with crops that change per season. We have variants for every season, different times of the day, and with/without a grid.

Ankheg Acreage is a great map to have on hand for when your adventurers are on the road and need a distraction. Seeing some smoke in the distance, they race to find bandits who have set the stables ablaze with farmer’s prized horses inside. Perhaps a dog approaches your party and tells the party’s druid that old man Jenkins has fallen into the well again. Unbeknownst to them, a portal at the bottom of the well leads to more than they bargained for. However you fit it into your campaign, your players will surely love their time on Ankheg Acreage.

All of our maps are built-in 3D allowing for real-time lighting and shadows for a realistic look. Assets were hand sculpted with 4K textures to maintain a high degree of detail even at high zoom. Join to gain access to all map variants and growing back catalog.

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