Facing the Titan

“We are [the Company]. Hunters, warriors, mages, scholars, nobles, barbarians, we have been brought together for one purpose: to put an end to the reign of the Titan. This gigantic being has caused ruins and desolation to our world for generations and generations. Progress and wonders are constantly at the mercy of the Titan’s whims. Despite their differences, an agreement exists between the nations. The Order of the Titan. Us and others. We have each followed a mystical instruction, a physical training, a spiritual journey or even all this. The decisive day is approaching. The one where our Company will be gathered. The one where we will stand up to the Titan. We have prepared for this confrontation, but we must not neglect our instincts in this battle. Let us get to know each other and rediscover each other after all these years. Tonight, let us share our experiences so that tomorrow those who survive can tell the stories of those who fall.”


Facing the Titan is a GM-less, zero-prep roleplaying game, for one-shots games of about 3 hours. It has been designed and playtested for groups of 3 to 5 people. A solo mode is also available.

You will play the Compagny, a group of heroes whose fate is to face the colossal Titan. And to destroy it!

You will only need something to write with and on, and two dices: a white one and a black one. Based on Swords Without Master (by Epidiah Ravachol), the game system will get you to tell the journey of your Companion to the final clash against the Titan in a series of five distinct Phases:

  • The Companions Phase, where we meet the characters of this epic story
  • The Titan Phase, where we learn about the Titan
  • The World Phase, where we talk about the journeys of the Companions
  • The Preparation Phase, where the Companions expose their plan
  • The Clash Phase, where the Companions go against the Titan

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