New Spotify Playlist: DnD Campfire

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The majority of tracks on this playlist focus on instruments you might actually HAVE at a campfire: lutes, guitars, flutes, and simple hand percussion. A fully orchestral score (even if it presents a lovely mood) seems weirdly at odds with the intimate setting. There are some exceptions of course, but in general you will find intimate arrangements for these intimate moments. Sharing a meal with your party after a day of dungeoneering is one of the few times you as players might feel as though you’re truly 1) alone, 2) bonding, and 3) free to chat without worrying about the pressures of the adventuring day.

I’ve added this playlist to the master Spotify Playlists post, which you can find here. If you like these playlists, it’s actually very helpful to me if you save them to your library. Thanks!


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