Will someone put and end to that savage cult?

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Little is known of an evil human-centric cult that has a hidden lair in the forests a few days from the capital, Crimsonwall. The zealot cult members attack travelers on the western road, dispossess them, and then sacrifice them in obscure rituals to gain immunity to a local affliction.

The forces of the law in Crimsonwall have not yet decided what to do since the cult’s lair must be too close to the itinerant parade’s route to be safe. In reality, they are afraid too many soldiers will be lost in an attempt to comb the Misty Forests trying to find the cultists. However, they’ve decided to post a bounty contract and risk the lives of mercenaries instead.

This is the fourteenth detailed hex in our Brukesian Duchy hexcrawl project. The maps and overall information are vanilla enough that people can repurpose them for other settings and adventures. This is a 27×36 squares dungeon!

A preview of the map

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